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  Canada - Nature Ottawa Landmarks    
  Star Photography
Ontario Wildlife
Time-lapse - Silver Lake

Food For Thought
Pepsi Strong Shot
Zero Life
Green Cola
Pepsi Baobab
Tomato Cafe
Goya Champuru Candy
Cake Lighter Than Air
Coke Breath
Vinegar and Milk
Coke Plus Fiber
Pepsi Azuki - Red Bean Pepsi
Kit Kat's Flavour Fetish
Sports Drink Conspiracy
Snapple Facts
Pepper Flavoured Gum
I Need Western Food, Stat!
Grilled Lamb Caramels
Free Beer
Pepsi Shiso (Beefsteak Plant)
Green Tea Coke
I Ate a Biwa
Fish Beer
Flavoured Kit Kats (Part 3)
Natto in Mito
Octopus Balls! (Takoyaki)
Chocolate Covered Squid
Chocolate Beer
Hello Kitty Sexy Mineral Water
Japan and Rootbeer
Non Poisonous Gyoza?
Pepsi White
Matsutake Mushrooms
Canned Coffee (Part 2)
Canned Bread
Pizza Nightmare
Cake Soda
Strange Snack Names
Herb Water
Coca Cola + Vitamin C
Getting Boned
Pepsi Blue Hawaii
Getting Sauced
Nagoya Cochin Chicken
Snapple Antioxidant Water
Chocolate Art
Disney Eggs
Halls Nose Candy
Kid's Beer
Meal in a Chip
Thirsty? Strange New Drinks
Aged Water
Kit Kat (Again)
'Big' Japan
Chuhai, With Head?
Good Pizza in Japan?
Square Fruit
Whopper Combo
Pepsi Ice Cucumber
Notime Gum
The Return of the King
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Fruit of the Gods
Canned Coffee
Odor Fighting Gum
Drug Candy
Okonomiyaki vs. Monjayaki
Kit Kat Flavours
Mega Mac
Mr. Donut vs. Krispy Kreme
The Great Sapporo Beer Test
Green Things
Sake 101
Ice Cream Heaven
Fruity Vegetable Juice
Kobe Beef
Japanese Curry
Sweet Bean Paste
Raw Food
Tofu Juice
Vending Machines
Calorie Mate

Atlas Rocket
Casino du Lac-Leamy

Ruins / Haikyo
Gankutsu Rock Hotel
Queen Chateau Soapland
Abandoned Ski Lodge
Colour and Concrete
Mt. Asama's Volcano Museum
Fined in the Mine
If You Build It, They Will Leave
Haikyo of Living Precariously
Seikoshi Gold Mine
Sports World Redux
BE Labs
Haikyo and Cosplay
Pearl Love Hotel
Nichitsu Ghost Town
Welcome to the Hotel Nagano
Cement Factory
Russian Village
Izu Sports World
Free Entertainment!
Haikyo! Ruins in Japan

Great Escapes
Hakodate - Day 3
Hakodate - Day 2
Hakodate - Day 1
Cherry Picking
Hiking Mt. Kumotori
Nikko - Winter Hike
New Year's Sunrise 2010
Fuji Five Lakes Winter Hike
Hiking Mt. Jinba
Hiking Oze National Park
The Grapes Shall be Plucked
Sapporo - Down on the Farm
Our Man in Yakushima
Hiking Mt. Kawanori
Hiking Mt. Oyama
Hiking Mitousan
Hiking Fuji Five Lakes
Christmas in Canada 2008
Sapporo on Business
Mt. Takao
Lightpainting, Shimoda Beach
Shikine Island
Cyclo Camping
Camp Zama
Fuji Rock Festival 2007
Kyushu and Yakushima
Sea Kayaking in Izu
Canada in Spring
The Happiest Place (Part 2)
Spa Resort Hawaiians
Beach Life in Izu
Peach Hunting
Tajima Ultimate 2006
Beijing, China
The Great Yamanote Hike
Hakone and Mt. Fuji
Christmas in Canada 2005
Nikko and Monkeys
Japanese Hotsprings - Onsen
The Happiest Place (Part 1)
Paradise - Guam


Do as Tokyo Does
Abandoned Ginza
Tokyo International Forum
The Largest City in the World
Maman under Roppongi Hills
Rainbow Bridge at Night
Gundam Cafe
Barbershop Heads
Tokyo Realtime Akihabara
Ukishima Factory Walk
Library or Bookstore?
Luxurious Lavatory
Hie Shrine Akasaka - Torii
Last Gasp of Sakura
Kawasaki at Night
Concrete and Trash
In Japan, Cute Rules
Takeshita Street - Harajuku
Hanami 2010
Tokyo's Nonhuman Denizens 2
Tokyo Dome City
Water Treatment Facility
Tokyo's Nonhuman Denizens 1
Midtown Cake
Kawagoe - Little Edo
Tokyo Towers
Coming of Age Day - Meiji
Sunrise Over Tokyo Bay
Fall Does Exist in Tokyo
Tokyo Skies
Ueno Prison Zoo
Japan's Concrete Coast
Big Joe - Gorilla Park
Tokyo Motor Show 2009
Tokyo in Miniature
Temple of Bacteria Man
Shinjuku - Dusk till Night
Keep it in the Family
NHK Ain't No HBO
Ginza to Odaiba Photowalk
Harajuku to Tokyo Photowalk
Summer Chills
Beer Shampoo
Lucky Golden Sh*t
Let's Breaking Things
Bows and Arrows
Blowers and Suckers
Orange Picking, in the Dark
Funky Japanese Architecture
Freshen That Breath
What Happened to Autumn?
Three Train Tales
The Honeymoon is Over
Cow Parade Tokyo
Fire Fighting Flower
Let's Nihongo
Empty Subway and Train Stations
Pitari Sweat
It's My Subway
Nature - Canada vs. Tokyo
Man Spa
Licence Plate Fun
Apple Cleaning
Robot Condoms
Working Homeless
Watter Bottle Mystery
Lineup Hell at Krispy Kreme
Final Fantasy Potion
Drug Diet
How to Use a Squatter
The BIG One
Platform Pancakes
Specialized Cafes
Plant Revolution
Everybody Here Smokes
Street Rap - About Glasses
Muscle Park
Ninja in Tokyo
Street Bands
UFO Catchers
Plastic Food
Breath Palette
Canned Air
The Ab Project
Genki Drinks
Tsukiji Morning Market
99 Yen Shop
Japanese Dentists
Paper Buildings
English Teaching
Fortune Telling
Giant Cicada
Toilet Culture
Harajuku Style
Love Crows?
Let's Hanami


Japangrish Part 1
Japangrish Part 2
Japangrish Part 3
Japangrish Part 4
Japangrish Part 5
Japangrish Part 6
Japangrish Part 7
Japangrish Part 8

Random Musings
All Good Things...
Design Festa Art Exhibition
Gamuso Art Exhibition...
Model Shoot in Ogimachi
Capoeira Photo Shoot
Christmas Contest Results
Christmas Giveaway Contest!
Where in the World?
Toilet Sign Helps You Relax
Art Show 2009 - Pink Cow
Kit Kat Contest Winner
Snapple T-Shirt Contest
The Smallest Metropolis
Lucky Sh*t Contest Winner
Japanese Idols - Yuri Ebihara
5 Years of Mike's Blender
Merry Xmas From Japan
Art Show at the Pink Cow
Four Years
Mike and Mike's Birthday
Three Years
Mike's Birthday House Party
Human and Computer Viruses
Two Years
Cathy and Tyler's Wedding
One Year Anniversary

My Life - Diary
My Life - Page 1
My Life - Page 2
My Life - Page 3
My Life - Page 4
My Life - Page 5
My Life - Page 6
My Life - Page 7
My Life - Page 8
My Life - Page 9
My Life - Page 10
My Life - Page 11
My Life - Page 12
My Life - Page 13
My Life - Page 14
My Life - Page 15
My Life - Page 16

Creative Writing
Pepsiman Returns
Pepsiman Squared
Intergalactic Ties
Superman Loses It!
Trapped in the Toilet
Temper Tantrum
My Cockroach Factory
Your Head is Like a Football
Superman and His Taxi
Undercover Blues


Tripbase Blog Awards 2009
Tripbase Blog Awards 2009


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