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Do As Tokyo Does Love Crows?
(Entered Apr. 08, 2004)
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If there's any bird that's universally hated in Japan even more than the pigeon, it's the karasu (crow). I've yet to meet a Japanese person who doesn't hate and/or fear them. Personally, I admire their strength and intellegence but even I have to admit they are somewhat out of control over here. Parks and public spaces are crammed full of them, making noise and in general, pests of themselves. I've heard many reports of children being attacked when getting too close to a nest, but I've never actually seen it in action. In Canada, crows are usually small or medium sized, but over here they're big! It's hard to judge the size from the picture here, but some of them are as big as small eagles. It wouldn't be a good thing to be attacked by even one, they've got beaks that look like they'd be perfect for stabbing an eye, or maybe slicing off finger or two. I once had the intellegent idea of eating lunch in a park surrounded by these birds. Of course they came hopping over hoping for some handouts. I thought I'd be nice and threw them a piece of chicken. Immediately hundreds of crows from nearby trees came swooping over, and with greater numbers they started edging closer and closer to me. I had a vision of being carried away for their dinner so I nervously decided to beat a retreat.

crows - karasu


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