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Do As Tokyo Does Let's Breaking Things
(Entered Jan. 18, 2009)
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Let me ask you a question. If you were really pissed off and needed to vent your frustration, what would you rather do, count backwards from ten and keep that anger inside, or let that anger out and break stuff? In today's society, breaking stuff, ie: putting your fist through a window, a wall, a person's face, etc., is frowned upon, but with the opening of Akihabara's newest shop known as 'the Venting Place', things are about to change.
In these anxious times, it is scientifically proven that wanton destruction is a sure fire way to keep stress levels under control. Instead of breaking public property and perhaps getting sent to jail, at the Venting Place, you can smash stuff (so far only dishes and plates) in a safe (and legal) breaking environment, for a price of course.

breaking stuff venting place japan

Hate your job? Your boss? Just lose your job? Sick of riding the morning rush hour train? This is the place for you. Here I am about to smash an ashtray or something. Rarragh!

breaking stuff venting place japan

Price depends on the size of the plates, and how many you buy, etc. You can get three small dishes for 500 yen, a medium sized plate for 500 yen, a big platter for 1000 yen, etc.
Here I am with the shops owner. You might be wondering, did I pay 1000 yen just to smash this big dish? Yes I did. It's theraputic!

breaking stuff venting place japan

A short video of Tokyo's newest anger management fad!

Well breaking dishes is a good start, but overall slightly unsatisfactory. It's kind of like going to a restaurant an only eating an appetizer. Once you've warmed up with some dishes, you want to raise the bar a bit. He needs to expand his shop so you've got areas to do stuff like throw a chair through a window, or smash a TV with a chain mail glove on, stuff like that. If he doesn't do it, no doubt someone will. Maybe me!



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