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Japangrish Part 8
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Even the church has gotten on the diet pill bandwagon!
jesus body
It's not clear to me why a woman would want a man's body, even if he is a deity....


Is there some alternative I don't know about?
japangrish bread and food
Some people live with HIV, cancer or MS, but others have to live with food....


They're not talking about the view I hope...
great japangrish
Perhaps the previous building on this spot was named 'good'....


Sounds a bit kinky, but to each his own I suppose...
tooth loved japangrish
What exactly is the dentist doing after he gives you the anesthesia...?


This shop has an air of desperation around it...
let's try to have macha tea japangrish
I might if you're paying me the 450 yen....


In that case I want my money back...
tokyo guarantee japangrish
I've yet to find out exactly what the guarantee was, but I think we've got a decent lawsuit here....


I wonder why everyone here looks so spaced out?
dope lounge japangrish
Either Tokyo has legalized recreational drugs, or this is a restaurant for stupid people....




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