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Japangrish Part 2
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Gee, thanks Waterman!
hello waterman
This little blurb was on the front of a handbag, I don't think there's a connection....


It's always better to sit when you're making yourself...
I Like Used Furniture
Another handbag, who writes this stuff anyway?


Stop worrying!
a million happiness
This helps on those days when you're feeling down....


Nuts, not beans...
fresh beans
Found this on a bag of walnuts....


I want my money back...
athlete's foot
Ever heard the expression 'you get what you pay for'?


Advice to live by...
bow wow and bow wow
It's good to see dogs are now using conjunctions....


Hey stop it! Enjoy your own life!
let's enjoy your life
No one's going to enjoy my life but me....


You'll find it in the 'speciality' food section...
homo sausage
This one took even me by surprise! The Holy Grail of Japangrish!


Not to be taken internally...
horny substance
It's for foot calluses. Is it also an aphrodisiac? Just be careful of how much you use!


I'm not hungry anymore...
Not many customers in here, I wonder why....


Ok, just calm down...
let's action!!!
Not sure exactly what happens behind this door....


You might say their hamburgers are 'hearty' (groan)...
heart made
I always wondered what they did with cow hearts....


There's so much violence in the world...
clove vs. cloves
Probably the one clove is going to get his ass kicked....


Say it three times fast...
MT Brain
This company will hire anybody....


Save kids from what, themselves?
save kids
Forget about the whales, save kids instead!




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