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Japangrish Part 7
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I dunno, these guys don't look so powerful to me...
Power of Fruits
Here in Japan, the 80s are just beginning....


Just let me warm up my time machine...
please prevent your car crash - picture courtest of Jason Collin
Interestingly, the Japanese above says: 'Protect the environment, please don't litter'....


Enjoy curry in two dimensions!
flat curry
If you like your curry bland and tasteless, this is the place for you....


So does it wear gloves or something?
the shampoo which doesn't have hand roughness
Frankly, I'm more impressed by the fact that this shampoo has hands!


Not sure if you're 'ready' ? This'll help get you in the mood...
japangrish engrish let's go
Um, I was going to get some reading done first....


I always wondered where he lived...
japangrish engrish very good man
I bet that without the bicycle and hat he wouldn't be so great....


Well they're not tasty, so technically this isn't a lie...
japangrish engrish tasting cookies
Kind of like wine, just take a bite, swirl them around and spit out the crumbs....


Umm, slightly politically incorrect...
japangrish engrish blacky
For those more interested in getting skin cancer than a tan....


Japan's next fad diet...
japangrish engrish shout diet
Forget jogging or low fat food, just scream your way to health, (with beer of course)....


The world would be a better place if we all made freshes...
japangrish make a fresh
As soon as I know what a fresh is, I'll be out there on the front lines making one!


Sometimes violence is the only way to get things done...
japangrish beat your natural style
You don't want to kill your natural style, just club it over the head a few times....


What, they don't serve any moo?
japangrish cackle and oink
Not sure about you, but barnyard noises always make me hungry!


Japan has yet to let bread into the prestigious 'food' club...
japangrish bread and food
Grocery shopping either just got a whole lot easier, or a lot more complicated....


Last but not least...
japangrish last sparklin
Hopefully this means that they won't be making any more....


Money can't buy you love, but at least it can buy you friends...
japangrish bread and food
I browsed around, but they didn't have the kind of friend I was looking for....




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