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Japangrish Part 5
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Just 'Western toilet' will suffice thanks...
west expression toilet
The expressions you make on the toilet don't cross cultural boundaries....


Caution! Watch out for bad puns...
Unfortunately the double meaning is lost on more than 99% of the population....


And now let's pay a visit to the psychiatrist...
let's listen to our inner voices
The voices in my head are telling me to save my money....


Waiting for Jesus?
the next coming
Most stores make do with a simple 'closed' sign....


Is this something like a failing grade?
sour grade
When you don't like your building, let everyone else know!


Angry chocolate...
yell chocolate
I want some chocolate NOW dammit!


It's easy to spot the ones who slept through English class...
i want you for my ass
Get rid of the shirt pal, before someone gets hurt....


I prefer to eat on Earth thanks...
eat in space
Crowded restaurants will soon be a thing of the past....


This product doesn't beat around the bush...
Miracle Boober
Well it's obviously working for cartoon characters....


An oxymoron?
Smokin' Clean
I think this could be considered false advertising....


Stop being such a baby and get a haircut!
Grow Up
Japanese people are too polite to insult you to your face, so they do it indirectly....


Uh...which one should I do first?
Park'n Park
Do I also have to pay'n pay?


Whoa... What time is it?
Wake Up!
The uglier the store, the more attention it needs I suppose....


We've (had writer's block for a long time)...
Companies don't make slogans anymore, they expect you to use your imagination....


Talk about a small menu selection...
Delicious and Rice
Could I have an extra order of delicious as well please?




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