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Japangrish Part 3
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Actually they were pretty darn tasty!
unbelievably delicious
Talk about confidence in your product! How could I resist?


Dumber people take note...
please forget valuables
Subliminal or what? My watch was halfway off before I caught myself!


How long do I have to stand here?
shade it with a hand
Can't I just give it some sunscreen instead?


I'm flattered...
i wanna be your dog
No whips, chains or leather outfits in here, just a regular clothing store....


This vending machine likes to state the obvious...
enjoy your refreshing time
That's right, there's not much refreshing time left to you....


Your hands and face with thank you after...
mercy clean
Should only be used when something begs to be cleaned....


Some kind of geriatric pet store maybe?
oldies birdie
Turns out it was a bar. I tried to get in but I was underage....


Ladies, bring Mike home with you tonight!
mike popcorn
Not really Japangrish, but flattering just the same....


In Japan, dogs pick first...
pick after your dog
They're still kept on leashes, but gradually dogs are getting more rights....


Interesting marketing strategy...
Not Japangrish this time but Chinglish! On a water bottle in my hotel in Beijing.


Send your dog away to boarding school...
chuo animal college
When you want your pet to have a higher education....


You're on the menu tonight...
the oven
No it's not your imagination, it really is a little hot in here....


I guess some people might need the clarification...
this is a pen
Who needs English lessons when you've got such helpful stationery?


Were you ever a removed bicycle?
to those who were removed bicycles
Maybe I was a removed bicycle in a past life....


X-rated coffee...
69 coffee
It says that 69% of the sugar has been cut, but why not 70%?




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