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Japangrish Part 6
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Let's pretend that it isn't really toilet paper we're buying...
Naive Lady
Naive ladies everywhere are pissed off that they are now associated with toilet paper....


Business with the Lord...
Not sure if he's buried here or if it's just some random expletive....


Don't tailgate this guy...
With your Life
Insurance salesmen or mass murderers?


Finicky cat? They'll eat this or else...
Cat Smack
No wonder the little guy looks so sad....


...had a short, but meaningful life. We'll all miss it. R.I.P...
Hot Coffee Color
Sometimes it's good to stop and appreciate the meaningless little things...


There was a sale over at the letter factory...
B. P. C & V
You guys sure you don't want to stick a D or a T up there as well?


Wild but... ok fine it's not really that wild.
Wild But...
In other words they take no responsiblity for drunken friends trashing your apartment.


Where did you think freaks went shopping? The Gap?
Freak's Store
I checked but they were all out of bunny costumes and lampshade hats....


Talking to your storage is even better therapy than talking to your plants...
Hello Storage
I guess I'd feel safer storing my stuff here rather than at 'goodbye storage'....


I sense that this might be a garbage can...
trash trash trash
Maybe if 'trash' was written four times it would be a little clearer....


And modest too...
simple and fashionable telephone
If a phone needs to say it's fashionable, is it still fashionable?


Is this supposed to help me keep it, or make me lose it?
Depending on the washroom 'air quality' this air freshener could be very aptly named!


A product name that doesn't exactly inspire confidence...
broken orange pekoe tea
For those that don't mind if their tea isn't working anymore....


The Caucasian Water was all sold out...
asian water
I thought all water in Japan was Asian water?


Umm.., so what the hell is this?
crash cafe jelly cream in
Let's name our product by picking random words out of a hat....




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