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Japangrish Part 1
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Socially Impaired...
hello goodbye
This is the picture that started it all, inspiring me to create the word Japangrish!


Uptight Neighbours...
attention zest
Mitigate? Not exactly a word most people use everyday....


What more could your nose want?
slim tissues
Japanese people are serious about their kleenex....


Make your butt really happy!
soft and supple toilet paper
It's true, my life would be very drab without my toilet paper....


I don't know if I can believe it...
new taste truly
A liquid sauce that melts, interesting....


A very useful table...
happy table
I've never seen this table but it must be something quite amazing....


Redneck Japanese...
redneck japanese
I rescued this glass and now I'm taking it to social services....


How could I forget?
our drinks won't kill you
I like honesty in an establishment....


Let's make ourselves taste as nice as possible...
be happy be delicious
I can't remember what this poster was advertising, but it wasn't a recipe....


Poetry in (reverse) motion...
poetry in reverse motion
Joyce Kilmer is turning in his grave....


Proof that ducks don't think before they speak...
funny fellows on the hill
This was on a school notebook, not sure what subject though....


Toilet Power!
clean toilet fine life
I'm sure you'll agree that the two go hand in hand....


Who the heck are Soo and Coo?
soo and coo
Enough Japangrish to make a guy dizzy...


Anybody else know what they're talking about?
Found this on a postcard...


I'm getting confused...
hello says hello hello hello
This bear's name is 'hello'?




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