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Random Musings Mike's Birthday House Party
(Entered Nov. 01, 2005)
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computer and human virusesThe relationship between humans and computers is getting closer they say.** A few days ago I woke up with a funny feeling in my lungs. I shrugged it off and went to work but a couple days later I was feverish, coughing and hardly able to move. The flu had me. Or wait, was it really the flu? Here's a story straight outta the Twilight Zone.
Well my lungs were pretty screwed up. They felt like they had been pulverized, I pictured them kind of rotting away. It didn't help any when I stumbled across an article on Avian flu which seemed to fit my symptoms exactly. computer and human virusesI spent the afternoon trying to recall if the chicken I had eaten yesterday was cooked well enough.
Days of delirious pain and fever ensued with me popping pills like popcorn, and either lying in bed memorizing the ceiling or bent over my computer playing Civilization 3. After a lengthy Civ. session on Saturday, playing as the Japanese, I managed to finish the game, kicking some major political ass. I gave the Americans and the French an especially hard time.
Ok now the weird part starts. That night while lying in bed my sickness just, went away. Not gradually like a regular illness but suddenly, like in about 5 minutes. Cautiously happy I went to sleep. The next morning though, my computer started acting funny. Hard to explain really but things like: alphabetical characters appearing randomly on my screen, windows opening and closing by themselves, the pointer clicking repeatedly on one spot making the computer beep crazily, etc. The next day was even worse so that eventually I couldn't use any software at all, and finally so bad that it wouldn't even boot up. My computer had died....(sniff) It seemed like a virus had infected it, but from where!? From me? I wondered. Maybe I passed it on during my marathon Civ. 3 session. computer and human virusesBut computers don't heal like people, do they.... I was resigned to having Dell come pick up my computer and then taking him away for 10 whole days. Ten days! It would be like living without a bodypart for 10 days...yes, just like a bodypart.... The morning after the complete system failure though, I pressed the power on button one last time, weakly hoping for some miracle. And... it worked! Everything was ok, like the night before was some kind of bad dream (it wasn't a dream!). My computer healed itself the same way I did, almost magically. Pretty strange I must say. Guess my computer really is a part of me now.
**Actually I have no idea if 'they' actually say any such thing, just threw it in.


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