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Random Musings Where in the World is my Painting
(Entered Dec. 12, 2009)
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Have you seen this painting?
According to the owner of the restaurant/gallery (the Pink Cow in Harajuku) where my art work was recently hanging, a mysterious person (albeit with great taste in art) entered the establishment. He/she was variously described as being slightly drunk and looking like a tourist, but whatever the case, they took such an intense liking to my 'Pink Cows' painting, that they whipped out their credit card, insisted on taking it down off the wall (you're actually supposed to wait until the end of the month before you can take home a painting you buy) and walking out with it that very night.
The bar staff also neglected to get any kind of personal information from my mystery patron, so not only do I have no clue who they are or where they're from, I also have no idea what became of my painting. I wouldn't be worried if the painting was small, but it's not, it's huge, and no doubt the person carried it out onto the street late at night, onto the crowded trains of Tokyo without a bag or wrapping of any kind. Is it still in Japan? Did it make it onto a plane? Through customs? Is it lying forgotten in some back alley or gutter, or even hanging on some art gallery wall?

artwork pink cows

To be honest I'm not really that bothered, afterall I got paid! Mainly I'm curious, so If you're that lucky person and you happen to see this post, I'd love to know!



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