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Random Musings Model Shoot in Ogimachi
(Entered Jan. 19, 2010)
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Another photography related post! Sorry if you feel I've been inundating you with these recently, but due to being extremely busy with other stuff, plus a strong desire to improve my photography skills, I haven't had much time to make a purely 'Japan' themed article in a while. I haven't forgotten about them though, in the meantime, hope you're liking the photos!
Learning how to effectively use a remote flash isn't a matter of just one lesson, so I once again joined up with the Japanorama crew, and headed out to the factory district of Ogimachi for my first 'model' model shoot.

marissa tokyo model shoot ogimachi

With us this week was the lovely Marissa, who, despite the bitterly cold temperatures, managed to make it through almost 5 hours of shooting in clothing designed more for autumn.

marissa tokyo model shoot ogimachi

Like last weekend's capoeira shoot, there were about 12 photographers present, but with only one model we split into two groups to make sure everyone had a fair chance to get some photos. My group first headed out for an HDR and macro photography lesson courtesy of Alfie Goodrich before meeting up with Irwin Wong and working with the speedlights and Marissa.

marissa tokyo model shoot ogimachi

Why shoot in Ogimachi? Two reasons. It's dead quiet on the weekends, being situated in the heart of Kanagawa's industrial area, and the factories provide interesting and unusual backdrops. The next logical step of course is to do a model shoot in a haikyo.

marissa tokyo model shoot ogimachi

I would've liked to get Marissa in front of various locations, but we mainly stuck with the theme of her in posing in front of a train.
We also got to see how a photographic umbrella helps diffuse the light. You can see the difference between the top and bottom shots. One is much softer, the other harsher.

marissa tokyo model shoot ogimachi

Unfortunately we only had time for a couple more shots after Marissa changed outfits and we changed locations. We had to be on the 5pm train home.

marissa tokyo model shoot ogimachi

I played around in Photoshop and made this slightly blurry, sepia coloured photo. Marissa's hat and clothes, plus the train in the background, inspired me to try and make a photograph that looked like a relic from bygone years...

marissa tokyo model shoot ogimachi

Once you've started down the road of flash, there is no turning back. I'm already thinking I need more gear, like a couple of light stands, another strobe, a pocket wizard... and the list goes on!



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