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Random Musings Japanese Idols - Yuri Ebihara
(Entered Jul. 30, 2008)
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When looking at the top Japan related blogs out there, you quickly notice a common theme. Most of them deal specifically in two main areas: otaku related stuff (anime, cosplay, gundam, etc.) and skimpily dressed girls. Sometimes it's a mix of the two, for example cartoons about highschool girls dressed in super short skirts, girls in skin tight costumes battling robots, etc. So when I'm posting about natto and getting 10 viewers, another guy is posting about Japanese bikini models and getting 1000 viewers. Is it fair? Let's see if I can't get a few more hits for this post.

After McDonalds convinced Yuri Ebihara to pose with their new, fried shrimp burger (which I never tried, or had the urge to try), she became one of those few model/idol girls that I could actually name. Why? Well in Japanese shrimp is 'ebi', and her last name is Ebihara, but most people call her 'Ebi chan'. Guess McDonalds thought they were being pretty smart when they whipped that idea up. Anyway after her face was plastered all over McDonalds' commercials, she became a household name. Here's she is below, the real Ebichan having been air-brushed out of existence. Either that or they just molded her out of plastic, or wax.
However McDonalds and shrimp burgers aren't exactly the main reason for her popularity....

Yuri Ebihara Ebichan McDonalds

If you've been in a drugstore in Japan lately, you've probably been distracted by the posters and lifesized billboards of this girl, making it hard to remember what exactly you came here for in the first place. I only knew her as that 'Anessa' girl, (Anessa is a brand of sunblock). I had no idea until recently that this is also Yuri Ebihara. Maybe it's that in the picture below, she looks more like a real person instead of a plastic doll, that I didn't recognize her. Or maybe it's because she looks so much more self-possessed here as opposed to the simpering look in the above picture. Or maybe it's just that she's in a bikini....

Yuri Ebihara Ebichan Anessa

Not only drugstores though, there are also a bunch of TV commercials which are no less umm... hard to ignore. The one below is fairly tame compared to the one where she's showering on the beach. I'll let you find that one yourselves.

To be honest, I'm not one of those guys who obsesses over famous Japanese models, actresses, and singers, etc. I can put the name to the face of maybe 4 or 5 out of literally thousands, the rest are just a random blur. That's one of the reasons I haven't posted pics and reviews of Japanese girls until now, but another is that the pictures on this site are almost exclusively taken by me, another path I hesitated to stray from. Well maybe it's time to stop hesitating? Alright hits, visits, page views, comments, be you positive or negative, come to me!
Just don't hold your breath waiting for a post about gundam....



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