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My Life Page 12
2006 - 2007
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Oops, forgot to smile again. Once upon a time, in a place called Komagome, I lived in a ratty little guesthouse owned by the evil real estate company called Sakura House. Inside it's flimsy walls lived three other people including me. Dillon and Fumie sitting between Kumi and I, lived together in the room across from me, and Gregory, on the far right, lived downstairs, and in fact, still does, but has plans to leave soon. The four of us decided to have a little reunion/party and we had a great time reminising about Sakura house life together with the flies, cockroaches, mice, our tiny fridge, thin walls, earthquakes, etc. The house may have been a dump, but I was lucky in that all my housemates here were cool people. Having lived in guesthouses for quite some time, I have lived with my share of uncool people, believe me.
Joining us is Kumi, who never saw my tiny Komagome room, and Greg's fiancee Azusa. Dillon and Fumie are now happily married and living two floors above me in my current, much better, building.

sakura house reunion


Christmas was a quiet affair this year, just Kumi and I, and our UFO catcher chicken, who somehow managed to make it into the picture, and for some reason is still at my place....
I tried to keep things traditional this year like my mom would've done. I bought a Christmas tree for the first time, made apple pancakes for breakfast and got cleaned up and dressed before opening the presents. Only mistake I made was not washing the breakfast dishes first. After some nice presents, Kumi and I saw the new James Bond movie which I thought was quite good, then went to a really nice French restaurant for dinner. No particular reason for the French restaurant, just that we couldn't think of anywhere else to go. Merry Christmas everyone!

christmas 2006


A new look for my webpage calls for new t-shirt designs don't you think? Santa knows fashion never sleeps and so rewarded Kumi and I for our good behaviour this year by sending us matching t-shirts with the new logo. Woody is of course on the back of the shirt. What are you waiting for? Order yours while they last!

new blender tshirt


Some parts of living in Japan can be a drag, like not being able to get certain food and other products you just need to have. My family saved the day though by sending me a care package! It was actually supposed to be a Christmas present but it came late so that's why I'm posting about it in January. Anyway as you can see, there's chocolate, kraft dinner, popcorn, gravy, maple syrup, deoderant, allergy and pain medicine, shampoo, skin cream, underwear, and the list goes on! Thanks a bunch fam!

Care Package


For those of you who read my website in detail, you might remember me mentioning that I went to an Egyptian restaurant after the last time playing discgolf. Anyway the restaurant was pretty good. The food itself was fantastic, especially the falafel, pita and papaganoko. Only problem was, (as usual in Japan) the sizes were just to damn small, and the prices sky high! The service was good though, and the restaurant redeemed itself by having a free belly dancing show after dinner. I'd never seen real belly dancing until then. I have to admit it was pretty good, and sexy too of course.

Egyptian Restaurant


One of my Christmas presents from Kumi was my own set of professional darts. Not the regular pointy kind, the ones that can only be used on an electronic dart board. Kumi has been playing with her co-workers for a while now. Anyway, we've gone to a few dart bars where I've had a chance to use my new darts and what do I find? Kumi is better than me! The first time I used my new darts, she beat me 5 games to 1. The next time I barely managed to hold my own at 2 games to 2. For some reason my darts always seem to end up scoring either 1 or 2 points even though I'm always aiming for 20 or the bull's-eye.... Kumi swears that she's not aiming but consistently manages to get numbers between 15-20. Time to get practicing I guess!

Kumi playing darts


It's getting to the point where I can't even go and hang around outside anymore. As soon as I step out the door, I'm surrounded by my screaming fans all trying to get a piece of me, asking about what my next blog will be about, trying to get my phone number, my picture etc. At first it was exciting to be so popular, but nowadays I long for the good old days of anonymity. How do the other big stars deal with this? Maybe they don't, I guess I'll just have to learn.

fan club


Pies! The Japanese are just not on the pie bandwagon (to my sorrow). Fruit pies exist here and there, but are small and expensive. It is difficult however, to find a meat pie.
Then one day Kumi told me she was 'thinking' about making a pie for dinner. I was like, alright! But she clarified to me that it was a thought only, and that she hadn't decided yet. Well a tiny bit of nagging later, she produced this nice handmade beef and cheese pie, with a little help from me of course (I brushed egg on the crust to give it that nice golden colour). With this experience under our belts, we're almost ready to open our own pie shop! We just need the money and a storefront and then we'll be set. Any help?



School is finally out! Again! When I started my job, one of the stipulations was that I take on a highschool ALT position. Apparently other teachers didn't want it, and so began my trials and adventures at Toshima. It's been two years now, and you can see some familiar faces plus some new members as well. Brendan (middle) and Kassy (far right) and myself made it through another year with a little help from Ms. Kuwayama and Ms. Shimizu. Compared to last year we perhaps look a little older, a little wiser, a bit more worn down.... Will there be a third year? I guess you'll have to wait and see!

toshima high school




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