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Lake Towada in Aomori is another huge, deep, mountain lake. Me and my youth hostel friends decided to stop for a swim and ended up doing flips and jumps off the pier. The beach here wasn't as pretty as Tazawa's was, but the water was still clean. Surprisingly there was no one else swimming. It seems a lot of Japanese people have this funny idea that you can only swim in the ocean. I'm not complaining though, more lake for me.

towada lake


After dropping me and one other guy off at Towada youth hostel (practically in the middle of the forest), the other members went their separate ways. Near the hostel was an amazing river with a long, maybe 10km, hiking course. However even deep in the woods, tourists were everywhere walking up and down, taking pictures etc. We beat the crowds by going hiking early the next morning though. The scenery was impressive, and walking beside the river kept things nice and cool.

towada waterfall


Before heading off to Hakodate I just couldn't resist getting into the river for a swim. The current was a lot stronger than it looks in the picture, and I had to fight to avoid getting swept away. I just noticed that 5 of the last six pictures were about water. If you're thinking that I've got some water fetish or something well you're probably right. Just to prove it, check out this little waterfall movie. I didn't get into the waterfall but I wanted to....

towada river


Now I know how famous people feel. Here are some of my groupies at the high school where I work. Cute huh? Anyway I'll be sitting in the teachers room on break or at lunch when a bunch of them will barge in screaming my name. All the other teachers get a kick out of it, so I was embarrased at first, but now I'm all cool and nonchalant about it. Usually they'll come over to where I sit and ask me about my love life, comment on my blue eyes and how handsome I am, etc. Crazy kids....

fan club girls


You might have given up waiting for a picture of my apartment, you might have even thought that I was just making the whole thing up! Well here it is, the new place! Unfortunately with half of the apartment cut off it's hard to get a good idea of it's size. Most of the bed/living room is invisible, and half of the kitchen/dining room as well. Anyway it's quite a step up from the one room guest house I was staying at for 3 years. Check the page 1 if you want to compare.

otsuka apartment


Couldn't resist getting one of the Ipod Nanos. I had been thinking of getting an MP3 player for a while now and I almost bought one of the new Sony Walkman models. Thank god I didn't. Sony charges too much and the max size is only 1GB. As soon as I saw the Nano I realized what cool really was. I intended to get the white 4GB model but they were all sold out, so I had to settle for the black 2GB one. Still, I can't really complain, it can hold about 400-500 songs, really more than enough for me....

ipod nano


I still haven't grown up completely yet. You'd think I would have learned by now, but somehow getting wasted occasionally still seems to have a certain charm. Me, Mike and a couple other guys were bored one night so we hit the supermarket, bought a bunch of juice and shochu (kinda like vodka) and then retired to a buddy's house to play board games and drink ourselves silly. Ended up staying up until around 4 in the morning. Felt pretty crappy the next day. One thing's for sure, I ain't 21 anymore....

mike and mike and alcohol


Am I back in Canada already? Nope, this winter wonderland is in Nikko. Those of you with good memories might remember I went there last winter too, much more snow this time around though which kinda excited me. It's been a couple years since I've seen this much snow so I was all pumped to take a long walk though the forest, have a snowball fight and maybe make a snow angel or three. Well the walk lasted about ten minutes before Kumi and numbness drove me back inside.

nikko snow


A while ago I got a new toaster oven, and this one has an adjustable heat setting unlike my last one so I thought I'd try to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies! Well it turns out that my little oven isn't very sophisticated. It's just too small (only 4 cookies at once) and cheap to keep the heat at an even level so I ended up scorching the first batch. The next batch (pictured here) turned out slightly better, but not great. Anyway I'm going to give them to Kumi for christmas, romantic huh?

toaster oven chocolate chip cookies



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