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My Life Page 9
2005 - 2006
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It's been a while since the Ottawa Beddalls gathered, but here we are looking ready to open presents on Christmas morning. On the left is my youngest sis, Liz (a student at Carleton U. studying Journalism) followed by my second youngest Cathy (a pretty talented graphic designer) and her baby Annabelle. Then there is my younger bro Steve (a singer/guitarist in a band in Vancouver), and of course mom and dad. So yep, I'm the oldest although I still don't look it. Or maybe I do?

Family Christmas 2005


It was good to see old friends again. Here's John and Ximena who you might remember from previous postings. I Don't really have many friends left in Ottawa now, most of them have left for greener pastures or have fallen out of contact with me. Anyway John and Ximena are still in Ottawa, working hard and saving money. Perhaps they'll be in Japan sometime this year? I think I heard a rumour to that effect. Good to see you guys again and thanks to Ximena for that great meal! Plantains rule!

John and Ximena


Oh Loblaws cake how I adore thee! Don't know exactly when it all started, but when I was just a kid, my mom got my birthday cake at Loblaws (a supermarket) instead of baking one, and the course of my life was changed forever. Only a few people I know can even eat a slice due to the amount and richness of the icing. See those yellow roses? Pure sugar and butter! The recipe must be a secret because no other store or person has ever been able to replicate it. Sigh... I miss it already....

Loblaws Cake


Can't get by without my peanut butter, jam and toast in the morning, even though it seems to be a luxury item in Japan. In my left hand is a 340 gram container costing more than $4.00. In my left is a 2 kg container that I bought in Canada. Price? The same! Not only is it expensive, it's also hard to find real 'Western' peanut butter. Japanese peanut butter tastes more like cake icing, delicious but if I ate that everyday I'd be dead by now. Anyway my 2 kg container should last me a few months at least.

peanut butter


Not somthing you see too often over here. It hardly ever snows in Tokyo but when I woke up and opened the curtains I was greeted by gentle white flakes blanketing the roofs and telephone wires. It looked pretty for a day, then it started melting and made an ugly grey mess. Then of course the weather got cold and the slush froze for a while. Thankfully the whole episode was over in about a week. Tokyo never stays cold enough for snow to stick around for very long, for which I am thankful.

tokyo snow


Another cake story! Here I am in Outback Steakhouse with Kumi and I've just finished up a small, stringy prime rib. Anyway I had room for dessert and I've always wanted to try their 'Chocolate Tower'. The menu makes it look huge, and at about $10 it darn well better be, but this is Japan after all, so I figured I could probably eat it in a couple bites. Well it turned out to be even bigger than the menu picture. Pretty tasty too, but not a stitch on Loblaws cakes. We couldn't finish it, but they let us take it home in a doggie bag.

outback chocolate cake


Who are all these beautiful people? Meet my Wednesday morning class on a night out drinking. Actually it's our last class together so we decided to celebrate with a farewell party. These guys work at a clothing manufacturer called 'Royne', so it stands to reason that they're all stylish and cool. Hopefully some of it rubbed off on me? Keep studying English guys! Although I'm gonna miss our class, I have to admit that I won't miss having to wake up at 6am to get to the class ;-)

Royne english class


Here's the Toshima High School English teaching dream team of 2005-06 on the last day of the year. From left to right: Me, Mr. Kasukawa (otherwise known as 'Kassy'), Mr. Ichimura and Brendan, my fellow OTC collegue. Well guys, we made it through a whole year of high school, good times and bad. Who'd ever thought I'd be teaching highschool? Damn, I have so much more respect for the teachers who had to put up with me and my peers back when I was a punk highschool student!

toshima high school


It was time to get another new phone. My smooth green model, although hip when I bought it, is now passé. Besides, the battery had become so weak that even on a full charge, it would run out after a conversation of a couple of minutes. Anyway on to bigger and better things! My new cool blue phone can do things my old green one could only dream of. As well as being able to talk to someone for more than a few minutes, it comes with a much more powerful camera! Get ready to see some mobile phone pics!

blue keitai



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