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My Life Page 2
2003 - 2004
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Christmas 2003 is right around the corner and the obvious thing to do is have a party, so we did, thanks to Scott (far right) and his huge apartment. Scott was nice enough to provide free drinks and even a bit of food for the event, although we all privately agreed that it would have been nicer if he'd provided an all you can eat Christmas dinner buffet as well. Clockwise from the left is: Makiko, Junko, Maki, Alex, Ayako, JC, Ai, Scott, me, Yoko, Chie, and Chris.

christmas party


This is good for a few laughs. My old company Stage-line, asked me to do a photo shoot for some advertising, and here's the result. Students have commented that it looks like an advertisment for a money lending company, the kind that's run by the yakuza. Friends who've seen it have had no end of fun laughing at it and me. Still, I'm a minor celebrity now. The picture itself is courtesy of my buddy Scott (seen above), who took this picture out of a magazine called Keiko and Manabu. He brought the magazine to ultimate, and made sure everyone saw it and had a good laugh.

mike advertisement


More ultimate! This time an action shot. The frisbee is already out of the picture but if you really look, you can see that JC has just thrown a forehand pass and I was trying to block it. No, we are not doing some strange dance. By the way, this picture is a little out of date. It's not that warm in Tokyo in December. It was taken in September but I thought I'd stick it here anyway.



Here's the family on Christmas morning. Starting with Liz (my youngest sister), Cathy (my second youngest sister), then my dad and mom. Notably absent are my younger brother Steve who couldn't make it home from Vancouver, and the dog who didn't want to come inside.



For those of you who've been here before and are wondering how you missed this picture, you're not going crazy. Ximena recently sent it to me so I snuck it in. Anyway here we are on Christmas eve in downtown Ottawa. On the right are John and Ximena. John's my best bud and I've known him since I was four years old! Recently he's gone back to school to study aviation maintenence. He's also a pretty good pilot! Ximena of course is his girlfriend. Miss you guys!

john ximena


Yoko and I decided to go to Sensoji on New Year's eve. Sensoji is probabaly the biggest shrine in Tokyo next to Meiji. Unlike Meiji shrine however, Sensoji has tons of little stalls (which you can kind of make out in the background) selling various snacks and drinks ranging from grilled meat on a stick to bananas dipped in chocolate sauce to 'amazake' which is sweet sake with chunks of rice in it. Sounds kind of raunchy but it's actually pretty tasty! Happy New Year!



Here's a home owner that's just asking for a disaster. Even in a country without major earthquakes I'd be scared to move in here. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice, it's even better when you're standing in front of it. The first picture I took was at night. As I was taking it the owner suddenly stepped out of his car (not sure why he was just sitting in there) and didn't seemed too amused at me taking a picture of his obviously messed up house. I came back the next morning and took this shot. The light was a lot better anyway.

crazy house


Here's an example of something Yoko whipped up the other day. Despite having no kitchen to speak of except a sink, a couple of gas burners, a toaster oven and barely enough counter space for a chopping board, she consistently manages to make these creative (and tasty) meals. Lucky me! Here we have some chicken cooked with olives, blue cheese sauce, mashed potatoes and a colourful bell pepper salad. Bon appetit!

yoko cooking


My new workplace is located in Asagaya, which is not so conveniently located about 40 minutes door-to-door from my house. It's a nice area though, quiet, relaxed and you can even see Mt. Fuji clearly when the weather is good. It really doesn't look too impressive in the picture, but take my word that it looks good in person. On a side note, we're all waiting for Mt. Fuji to erupt again. I'll be sure to post that picture here if (when?) it happens.

asagaya sunset



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