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Food For Thought Hello Kitty Sexy Mineral Water
(Entered Feb. 04, 2009)
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In the old days of new drink promotion, Coca Cola designed it's glass bottles to resemble a woman's curves in an effort to get more men to buy their product. It was a subtle thing that worked mostly on a subconcious level and ended up being a stroke of marketing genius.
Well times change.... Today's marketing strategy is about as subtle as hitting someone in the head with a shovel to sell them brain surgery. Thanks to Hello Kitty, drink bottles now have breasts, hips, derrieres and are dressed up in skintight clothes.

hello kitty mineral water

Upon seeing the bottle, my first thought was: "What...the...hell...", followed by "Huh, Hello Kitty is looking pretty hot these days..." and finally "I'm going to feel kinda perverted bringing this up to the cashier...."
So just what group is this drink supposed to be marketed to? Japanese girls who need to be made to feel even more inferior by the fact that they don't have a perfect 10 body? Geeky Japanese guys who have both a Hello Kitty and a hentai anime fetish? Children? It's a mystery. Or maybe this is just a treat to make bloggers happy...? If so uhh, thanks.
And then there's the mystery of why they decided to fill it with something as boring as mineral water and charge 350 yen. It's like an expensive book with a great cover, but no climax. I felt let down, like when I watched 'The Phantom Menace' for the first time. There's no reason to even open it and try it, so I won't. Get some passion fruit or mango juice in here stat!

hello kitty mineral water

So far the bottles come in at least 4 different outfits, but I only found two at the place where I bought it, the one in the picture being the best. For those of you who are desperately waiting for me to tell you where I got this so you can run out and start your own collection, well this bottle was purchased at a convenience store on a recent haikyo in the Nagano countryside. I came back to Tokyo expecting it to be on sale in every convenience store and to find it blogged already by half the the population of Japan, but surprisingly, I haven't seen it anywhere in Tokyo yet, nor do there yet seem to be any websites covering it. Could it be that there are only a few bottles in existence and that it's a collector's item? Haha!! I will sell it to you for 10,000 dollars!!



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