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Food For Thought Kirin Releases the Tempting 'Vinegar and Milk'
(Entered Nov. 29, 2009)
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Marketing is an amazing thing. It can convince people to love all sorts of foolish and crazy stuff like cigarettes, McDonald's, Disneyland, etc. There is a certain limit though to what our brains are willing to accept, and as tempting as Vinegar and Milk might sound, I think Kirin is going to have a tough time pushing this one.

vinegar and milk

The English fails to mention that it also includes grapefruit juice, which may or may not have been intentional as in my mind, its addition does little to to improve the overall appeal of the drink. It reminds me of my childhood when I added milk and grapefruit juice together and watched the milk break up into ugly little chunks.
Why would you ever add vinegar to any drink much less milk? A quick note, vinegar added to juice has become so popular here in Japan, that you can buy cartons of the stuff in most stores, and there are now even little juice and vinegar drink stands in train stations. Again, why? Well vinegar supposedly thins the blood and lowers cholesterol.
You're not supposed to judge a book by its cover though right? But it doesn't matter how many times you're told that, people always judge books by covers (euphmistically speaking) and if it wasn't for my website, I never would've found out that hey, it's actually not half bad. The vinegar (only one teaspoonful) is almost (but not quite) overpowered by the grapefruit, which mixes well with the milk, which isn't really milk per se, but a yogurt-like drink.
It also says on the package that this is some Northern Italian drink. I hope to hear what my Northern Italian fan base has to say about this.



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