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Food For Thought Snapple Facts
(Entered Sep. 02, 2009)
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My good buddies over at Snapple have once again sent me another package in the mail for me to review! Yes I know, Snapple may have nothing to do with Japan, but I'm going to review it here anyway. Why? Well if a major beverage company sent you free samples of their products and asked for your opinion would you turn them down?
Last time I tested out their antioxidant water, but this time around they sent me their classic peach flavoured iced tea and also threw in a t-shirt. Nice touch Snapple!
Actually I like the lemon iced tea flavour more than the peach, but don't tell Snapple I said that.

snapple facts

It's not just a tasy beverage though, Snapple has decided to educate us! Under each cap you will find a 'Real Fact'. I got fact #737 which says 'The human brain takes up 2% of human body weight, but uses 20% of its energy.' No wonder I'm always so hungry with all the thinking I do! Check out to learn more facts in order to be prepared if you should suddenly find yourself playing Jeopardy. Apparently each fact has its own microsite, just waiting to be discovered, over 200 actually. That's a lot of microsites.
If you're a regular to this website you know that I love stuff like this, and have had Mike's Facts (see the bottom of the page) up and running for years now. Snapple.... Did you by any chance copy me?? Lemme have a look at your site....
Ok well out of some 400 or so facts, I only found three that overlapped with mine, so you're off the hook.
Snapple would also like me to ask you to follow them on twitter and facebook, and you can do so by checking out these links:

snapple facts

Oh and by the way, the tea was delicious. Pretty much unavailable in Japan I think, although I may or may not have seen it at Azabu National Supermarket on occasion.
Anyway to make this post more exciting, I'm giving the Snapple t-shirt away (I only wore it for a few seconds, it's clean!) to a lucky person who can tell me a fact about Japan (has to be real) that I don't already know. The contest will run for one week, until September 9th. Good luck!




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