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Food For Thought Goya Champuru Candy
(Entered Mar. 26, 2010)
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One of Okinawa's most famous recipes is 'goya champuru', a hearty dish whose main ingredients include bitter melon (called goya), egg, tofu, and spam. Sounds tasty right? It's an acquired taste for most I suppose, and although I kind of like it myself, it's not exactly something that needs to be made into candy form...
Honestly I don't know why companies bother with gimmicky stuff like this. Has there ever been a repeat customer? I mean it's not like anybody would ever buy spam, egg and bitter gourd candy for the taste.

goya champuru candy

A student of mine recently returned from Okinawa which is how goya champuru candy ended up in my possession. I doubt I would ever buy anything like this myself, even to entertain people on the web. So how does it taste? Well as you're probably guessing, not quite as bad as it sounds. I mean there is no way anybody would try to sell hard candies if they really tasted like spam and eggs, even as a gag. That's not saying that they were good though. I suppose that when you're expecting the worst, your brain is fooled into thinking that something is ok when in reality it's just one step up from bad. Anyway they tasted kind of like goya, except sweet (and if you've ever eaten goya you know that's probably not a bad thing) plus a little extra 'something'. Not essence of spam I think, but something nevertheless.
Now that I've eaten one though, I'm not really sure what to do with all the rest...


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