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Food For Thought Zero Life
(Entered Jun. 20, 2010)
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I would've found Orion's honest appraisal of their customers refreshing had I not suddenly become a loser in their eyes as soon as I cracked open my can of 'Zero Life'. Refreshing in that it's unusual for a Japanese person, or a company, to be so forthcoming and direct in giving an opinion on a sensitive subject such as Japan's alcoholism problem. That it came from a beer company however is pretty damn bold. Orion currently holds only a 1% share of the Japanese beer market, but perhaps they think that's too much....
Unsurprisingly, finding a can of Zero Life wasn't easy. Perhaps for many Japanese salarymen whose job description includes spending endless hours every evening drinking socially with the boss or with customers, this beer's boldly lettered name hits a little too close to home...

zero life beer orion

Translation trip ups aside though, the 'zero' Orion is talking about refers to the beer having no sugar content, which Orion touts as being good for people who want to lose weight. And unlike the alcohol-less epic failure known as Kirin Free, you can still get drunk on Zero Life as it has between 3-4 percent alcohol. For some reason even they're not sure how much alcohol it really has. Hopefully my can has 4 percent though and not 3.
As for taste, well it seems that a beer's flavour isn't wholly dependant on sugar as Zero Life actually isn't that bad. It's not your perfect lager by any means however; it has kind of a weak, watered down taste, that unpleasant fake sweetness of a diet soft drink, and a head that disappears in 5 seconds. If you can overlook these things though and are trying to cut down on your sugar intake, this beer might actually work for you. That is if you don't mind being labeled as a loser...


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