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Do As Tokyo Does Lineup Hell at Krispy Kreme
(Entered Nov. 15, 2007)
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Yet again I've been denied. You'd think in a country like Japan, everyone would be working like beavers, not lining up all day for doughnuts. I feel like going up to these people and asking them what the hell they think they're doing. Don't they know we're in a recession now? This isn't Disneyland where the art of the lineup is studied like a science, these are doughnuts. If they can stand in a 2 hour lineup on Thursday morning for some fried, sugary bread then I want to know where they work, and maybe their boss's telephone number. Hello, do you know where your employee (sorry what's your name again?) is right now? Not sick in bed no, he's here in a Krispy Kreme lineup in Ginza. Get out of this line right now, go join a gym, buy some vegetables, and if you must eat a doughnut in the future go to Mister Donut instead and leave Krispy Kreme to me. If I come back here again and see that this travesty of a lineup hasn't ebbed away there's going to be some serious problems.
It's been almost a year now and having opened their second shop in Ginza, the lineups have gotten worse, not better like you might have hoped. In the picture it's Thursday at 10:00am with an hour and 20 minute wait ahead for the poor sucker who wants some doughnuts. The other day I came at 8:00am. Ginza itself was practically empty but Krispy Kreme had a posted time of 30 minutes! at 8:00am! I don't even know what time they open but the thought of people lining up for doughnuts on a cold Wednesday morning in November before the doors even open is frankly disturbing. Wait, there's no Krispy Kreme in the picture, what gives? Krispy Kreme itself is a few buildings and tunnels away making it a little hard to get the sign, the line and the establishment all in one picture. Think you're in front of the line girls? No your just in the lineup to get to the lineup to get to the...sigh.

Lineup Hell at Krispy Kreme

Lineups are usually easy enough for me to deal with, whenever I see one I just leave. If other people want to waste their lives standing in a line that's their problem, but now they're messing around with good stuff. I just want a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts right now, not in a year's time. Why do I constantly have to put up with this Nintendo like business strategy, and why do other people put up with it? Please can I just move to the front of the line? No? Please? *sob*
Well Krispy Kreme you've done it. You've taken the whole Japanese 'love of all American things' fad to a whole new level. Burger King on the other hand... nobody even goes there anymore. The 2 shops in Tokyo only have a few customers in them now, quite a change from their opening day with a 3 hour wait. I wonder if they're going to close down yet again.... I don't want Burger King anymore though, I want Krispy Kreme!



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