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Food For Thought Canned Bread
(Entered Aug. 28, 2008)
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Ok so you've survived that massive earthquake, the raging fires, the falling rubble and glass, and you've managed to crawl out from beneath your building in one piece. Days pass and you get hungrier and hungier. You wander over to the local supermarket to forage but find that it too has been reduced to a burnt out shell. You're starving. The pigeons are the first to go, then the cats and dogs and even the crows. Finally you're down to the cockroaches but they soon learn to avoid you and suddenly there are no more animals around. You get hungry again. Then one day you're sitting around enjoying a meal of grass and roasted bark, dreaming of the days of electricity, and wishing you could have a piece of bread, even a small piece, when suddenly you can smell it! Where is it coming from!? You look around and see your neighbor opening up a can, and pulling out... a loaf of bread!
Yep, if only you had prepared for disaster more carefully, you too could have been enjoying fresh bread. Enjoy those beetles and leaves!

canned bread

How's that for a sales pitch? Not convinced? Well let's take a closer look.
As you can see, I'm holding a can of Ever Fresh Bread aka 'Relief from Japan'. But how good can canned bread really be? They sell this stuff in Tokyu Hands, and people buy it thinking they're all prepared and stuff, but has anyone actually opened a can up and tried a piece? What if it's gross? Is the old maxim true that you'll 'eat anything when you're hungry'?

canned bread

The canned breads came in various flavours, and the two that I bought were 'orange' and 'raisin'. There was no plain ol' white bread as far as I could tell. Maybe they need to use flavours to cover up the bad taste?
When I opened up this can here, it make a sonic boom-like 'pop' which scared the crap out of me. Might be good information to know if you're about to open up a can of bread in apocalyptic times and don't feel like sharing. Make sure you do it away from the hungry bread-craving hordes.

canned bread

This can comes with two muffin-like bread things, heavily wrapped in waxy paper. The top of the bread might look kind of tasty, but its consistency and smell was a bit strange. My first thought was not one of 'canned bread with some preservatives' but more of 'canned preservatives with a little bread thrown in'.

canned bread

The other can dispensed with making its bread even a little bit presentable. Ask yourself this question right now. Would you eat this thing? Did you answer 'yes'? You're a survivor.

canned bread

I tried hard to imagine I was eating an orange flavoured muffin, but it was difficult. Ok sure, if I was starving I'd eat it of course, but it would be a heck of a lot easier with a cup of coffee to go along with it.

canned bread

Now that I've eaten my survivor bread where does that leave me? If that earthquake hits tomorrow I'm going to feel pretty stupid.... Knock on wood!



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