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Food For Thought Herb Water
(Entered Jul. 27, 2008)
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This week's gimmick is for those people who want more excitement out of their bottled water. Being a colourless, tasteless and scentless liquid, water is generally regarded as being the most boring drink in the universe. What can we do to make water more interesting? You're probably thinking 'not a whole hell of a lot', but there are people out there who are at least making the effort.
Bottled water now comes with a little bag of herbs, which in turn come in three exciting flavours: red, yellow and blue. Pretty original eh?

herb water

So how does it work? Well it's not rocket science. Just open the lid, open your herb bag, stick the herb bag in the bottle, close it again and then wait 3 minutes. The label also says to shake it a bit for a 'deeper' flavour. Cool.
As an added bonus, the herbs are supposed to change the water to the colour on the label, but don't expect much. The only one that really worked well was the red. After 10 minutes the red herb water had turned pink, the yellow herb water had turned the lightest shade of yellow possible, and the blue herb water had turned a slightly darker shade of yellow, go figure.
Even more boring than drinking water, is looking at pictures of it, so I made a video....

Surprise! I'll admit I half expected a lame result here, but Herb Water actually tastes pretty good! However I recommend taking out the herb bag after a few minutes unless you really really like the taste of herbs. I left the bags in for half a day, and now when I take a sip it's like trying to drink a potpourri.
Alright, bring on the next gimmick!



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