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Your Head is Like a Football
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football headLast week I went to my first Tokyo kung-fu class. It was ok, I was only watching though since you have to pay to join and I have no money. So the class is held outside in park see? Well since it's January it's a little bit rough just sitting on a park bench for a couple of hours. It's not as cold as Canada here, but it still gets pretty chilly at night. So I was sitting on a park bench watching the class, the teacher is a nice enough guy, kind of like Sifu Hum back in Ottawa in some ways, and the students are pretty nice too. Anyway like I said I was sitting on a park bench cooling down, and on the bench beside me this homeless guy is sleeping. Well after a bit he gets up and walks off somewhere, not sure where, maybe to the bushes to take care of things. While he was gone this old Japanese couple comes walking through the park carrying their shopping, etc and they decided to sit down on the bench little realizing that it was the bum's bed. Well the bum comes back and proceeds to get pissed off. He starts yelling and stuff and then works his way up to shoving. The other old, non-homeless guy is apologizing and backing away, meanwhile his wife is yelling at them to stop but nobody's paying much attention to her. Homeless, who is obviously kinda drunk, decides to take a swing at non-homeless, but homeless is pretty old too, and his lifestyle doesn't give him much energy. His swing takes about 5 minutes but it actually does connect eventually. This brings non-homeless to life and he throws his own punch and knocks homeless down on the ground. This isn't good enough so he begins to kick him over and over in the head. After kick number 20 things are starting to get out of control. Wife comes over to me and asks me to break things up. I glance over at the kung fu class but everybody is still doing their forms, paying no attention to the slaughter. Anyway I go over and do my best to stop things (I didn't do any fancy flips or kicks, just told him to stop). He does stop but he's pissed off and is yelling things which I couldn't really make out. Then the police walk into the park and things really start to get interesting. The police start to question everybody (except me cuz I'm a foreigner) and even stopped the kung fu class thinking that they were somehow responsible, it being such a violent sport and all. Soon homeless (minus a few million brain cells) and non-homeless are friends again and no one was even arrested! Another adventure in little land.



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