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Intergalactic Ties
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intergalactic tiesWalking through a field on my way home from school one winter evening I passed by a large silver disk that I'd never seen before. Underneath, there was a funny looking little guy jumping up and down, his hands waving in the air above him. He seemed to be trying to reach what looked like a door handle under the large disk but he was falling short by at least a foot.
"Poor little bastard," I thought to myself.
I walked over to where he was jumping, reached up and pulled on the handle but nothing happened.
"You have to push the button first," the little guy pointed out.
"Oh," I said, feeling slightly foolish for not noticing, since the handle looked just like the door handle on my parents Civic.
I did it correctly this time and the hatch opened, a rusty bunch of stairs falling out with it.
"Thanks" the little guy said as he disappeared up the stairs.
The hatch closed again and the disk floated gently upwards and away into the evening sky. I watched for a few minutes before a breeze reminded me that it was January and I was cold.
When I got home my mom asked me the same question she always does,
"So anything interesting happen today?" I thought for a second, "Nah," I said as I opened the refrigerator.



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