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Superman Loses It!
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superman loses it"Hehehehe," Superman giggled to himself as he gathered together all the money in the bank vault.
"Hmmm..." he thought looking at the pile of money, "I think I'll hit fort Knox next. First things first though," he said decisively as he put the money in a large bag and hefted it over his shoulder.
It was so easy he thought, as he was flying to his South Pole hideout, nothing could stop him, not even Supergirl! He grinned when he thought about the beating she had taken, ha! He sure showed her who the dominant sex was.
It had all started with Superman defeating a major villain. The two of them had caused a great deal of damage as the battle raged throughout Metropolis and when it was all over and he had won, did the citizens thank him? NO! They told him off! Like he was totally responsible for all the damage and lives. He could still remember his anger, it had been the last straw. He had been getting the same treatment for years and he had finally snapped! He laughed out loud when he remembered how he had punched the mayor's head right off! He had been surprised at himself at first but he began to feel better and soon he was flying around, trashing the city and laughing like a maniac.
No sooner than his ice hideout was in sight, Hal Jordan appeared in front of him.
"Hold it Superman!" he shouted.
"Hal!" Superman greeted him, "How nice to see you."
"Superman, you will come with me," the green lantern ordered. "Don't make me use force." To emphasize his point, his ring started to glow green.
"I ain't going nowhere." Superman stated flatly.
"My orders were to bring you back dead or alive." Hal said.
With an angry shout, Superman launched himself at the Green Lantern. Suddenly a green spear of energy lanced out and pierced Superman through the heart. Superman fell down dead into the ocean.
"Mission accomplished," said G.L. as he flew back to the JLA headquarters.



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