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Do As Tokyo Does Temple of Bacteria Man
(Entered Oct. 14, 2009)
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Most temples use statues of ferocious creatures at their gates to ward off evil: lions, deities, mythical beasts; stuff that no doubt makes evil spirits think twice about stepping inside and messing around. This temple went for the slightly less traditional and unfrightening route of getting famous cartoon villian Baikinman (Bacteria Man) to guard their inner sanctum.

temple of bacteria man - baikinman

The evil spirits couldn't be reached for comment on Baikinman's effectiveness as a guard, but one doubts that they worry much about bacteria and germs...
In case you don't watch children's animation, Baikinman is the foe and evil nemesis of that lovable hero Anpanman (which translates to the unwieldly 'Red Bean Jam Filled Bun Man' in English). The two of them are always fighting, with Anpanman naturally coming out on top in the end.
Not sure how Baikinman ended up on guard duty though, perhaps he's making some extra cash on the side?


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