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Food For Thought Raw Food
(Entered Nov. 30, 2004)
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I guess it was only a matter of time before raw fish made it to this webpage. Some of you might have been wondering what I was waiting for? Well to be honest sushi and sashimi are so well known worldwide as to make it kind of a boring topic. If there's anything that people associate with Japan besides ninjas and karaoke, it's sushi. A lot of you out there might have tried it before but believe me, you haven't had sushi until you've had it in Japan, (and even then, you really haven't had it until you've gone to Hokkaido). This isn't sushi pictured here though, it's sashimi, and for those who don't know the difference, sashimi dispenses with the rice on the bottom.


In Japan, sashimi isn't just sliced up fish, it's a work of art. Just look at the display to the left. Keep in mind also that it looked even better before we ate some of it, (I was too slow with the camera, and too hungry). It's a reminder that in Japan, taste is not as important as the actual presentation of the food. What are we eating today? Well the red slices are tuna, the white slices with the red tips are yellowtail I think, the pink chunks that look like raw chicken are scallops and if you look closely you can see some shrimp too. The green paste on the right is wasabi which is similar to horseradish. Bon appetit.


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