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Do As Tokyo Does Fall Does Exist in Tokyo
(Entered Dec. 09, 2009)
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In the concrete jungle of Tokyo, there is little evidence of autumn, the few trees around my apartment tend to turn brown in fall, not red, orange or yellow. It's enough to make you believe that fall doesn't exist in Tokyo, but a visit to Yoyogi Park surprised me. Tokyo does have one, you just have to look for it.

yoyogi park autumn colour

I've seen this little guy before. His father brings him out on weekends and they jam together, the boy of course drawing crowds of people around him. The first time I saw him about a year ago he couldn't really play or sing, he just made noise, but he's definitely improved and now he's actually pretty good.

yoyogi park autumn boy guitar

I'm Canadian, so it's a bit surprising that in Tokyo it's still autumn in December.

yoyogi park autumn red

The park was fairly crowded but with good reason, the day was warm (well for me it was, not the girl below) and sunny.

yoyogi park autumn resting couple

Some trees were riots of colour and some were completely bare, but most had just a few leaves left, clinging on as long as they could.

yoyogi park autumn yellow leaves

Yoyogi Park always seems to have big groups of university students playing initiation games. These guys are playing that 'steal the hat/towel off the other guy's head while being carried by two ther guys' game. I think it actually has a name here in Japan. In case you're wondering, the guy in the yellow shirt lost when another team snuck up behind him and stole his towel while he was engaged with the guy in the red hat.

yoyogi park autumn hat game

The Japanese maples (momiji) seemed to be late changing trees. Most of them were fully leaved and pure red, and in the late afternoon light, looked spectacular. I don't have to tell you that they were being mobbed by the camera weilding hordes.

yoyogi park autumn red leaves

I guess I'll have to come back here again in March/April to see if Tokyo also has a spring!



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