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Food For Thought Mega Mac
(Entered Feb. 09, 2007)
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A lot of Western people are finally waking up to the fact that they are the fattest people in the history of the world, and that their diets suck. Typically they responded by blaming fast food restaurants like McDonald's for their obesity even though eating there is a choice, not a rule. Still, in a democracy, public opinion carries a lot of weight and so McDonald's got rid of their supersize menu options at least in the US and most of Europe. So how is a poor fast food franchise supposed to spread the greasy word when the public is wise to its scam? Head to Asia!
On January 12th 2007, Japan introduced the Mega Mac on their menu for the first time in history. 4 patties instead of 2! Looks pretty good on the poster, almost like the patties are made from real meat! On the top left corner you'll notice some writing which says 'beef tenkoku!' which means 'beef heaven'. Really? Better give it a try I suppose.

mega mac

For some reason, Japan decided to limit sales of the Mega Mac to just one month. However, due to immense popularity, they have decided to extend the campaign. It's been so popular in fact, that stories have been circulating that some customers ordering the Mega Mac have been turned down with excuses that it's 'sold out'. This makes much less sense when you find out that the regular Big Mac is still available, but this is Japan after all, don't try to understand! Obviously McDonald's underestimated Japan's desire to fatten up. It's true that the rate of obesity in Japan is the lowest of all developed nations, but I can well imagine that in another 10-20 years, Japan can start expecting more of this:

mega mac

Anyway, when it came time for me to order, there were no silly problems like it being sold out. Looking at the menu, I noticed that there is a supersize-like option which allows me to get the Mega Mac combo which comes with an order of Chicken McNuggets. I waffled but in the end I decided to just get the regular Mega combo. I'm not Morgan Spurlock after all. Ok let's have a look. Hmm, doesn't look to 'Mega' to me, in fact it looks kinda puny.

mega mac

On closer inspection I could confirm 4 patties but only one slice of cheese! Of course it still comes with it's standard pickles and crappy lettuce. Managing to bite into it required that I compress it into a messy wad. I took a picture of what it looked like halfway through, but it was so sickening to look at I decided not to include it on this page in deference to any sqeamish people out there. If you really want to see it click here. I'm warning you though, it's nasty.

mega mac

I guess nasty can pretty well sum up any McDonald's experience. After I was done I had the usual heavy feeling of just having swallowed a bowling ball, an uncomfortable fidgety sensation that lasted hours, loss of self respect, and the general dumbing down and dwindling of brain cells that usually accompanies the ingesting of unnatural chemicals.
So is the Mega Mac really a 'beef heaven'? Well if it wasn't clear in the above paragraph then I'll just spell it out for you. 'No'. It would be nice if McDonald's would just come clean and tell the public what addictive substance it is that they put in their food that makes us keep coming back. I can't figure any other reason for me to continue to want to eat it.




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