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Food For Thought Pizza Nightmare
(Entered Aug. 19, 2008)
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Pizza has gone bad in Japan. For too long now we pizza purists have been too lenient, and allowed this rampant use of obscene toppings such as corn, mayonaise and potatoes to go unchecked. I call on you now to get out of your sofas, to turn off your TVs, to stop your internet downloads and rise, yes rise my brothers and sisters! Look around you, look I say! It isn't too late, but the day is coming when the freedom of having cheese and tomato sauce on our pizzas will seem like a fond dream. It's time to raise the holy sword of pepperoni and smite the villians who would dare order a double corn pizza with white sauce. We must band together as one to battle these treacherous toppings and the evil reprobates who allow it. I call on you now to proudly order a large combination pizza from your nearest pizza parlour to show your dedication to the cause, and name this day 'pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and extra cheese day' in it's honour. Classic pizza must prevail!

corn pizza nightmare




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