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Food For Thought Getting Boned
(Entered Jun. 23, 2008)
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I always figured that sausages were just ground up hooves, eyeballs and brains, but it turns out that sausages are actually animals. Not sure how I could've been misled for so many years but I was finally shown the truth by none other than Pizza Hut. Yep. If you have a look on their menu you can order sausages with the bones left inside. My buddy Scott and I were curious to see this for ourselves, so, while at his place the other night, we decided to include an order of bone-in sausages with our pizza.
Here's the box with three dead and cooked sausages in it. Still unclear on what the part of the sausage this is though. Are these fingers, or is this the whole animal and the bone is like a spine? I thought I had an idea of what natural selection was, but Darwin has some explaining to do now.

bone sausage

Although I look hungry, inside my head I can't help thinking that eating sausages with the bones left in is pretty gross. Kind of like serving a roast chicken with the head and legs still attached. Why couldn't they have deboned these things before cooking them?

bone sausage

And here's Scott ahh.... enjoying his bone sausage. Not sure what thoughts were running through his head...

bone sausage

I find it fairly ironic that after all the work someone went to get the meat off the bone in the first place, extra time is then spent putting it back on again. It's kind of like skinning a tiger, making a fur coat, then giving it back to him to help him stay warm.

bone sausage

All jokes aside, when you gnaw your sausage down to the bone, you start thinking about the logistics of how the bone ends up in the sausage, and how gross this actually is. Where exactly do these bones come from? Are they clean? And if so, how do they clean them? Do they give them to a bunch of dogs to gnaw for a while or do they dump them in a vat of acid? Do they use the bones from the animals they grind up, or do they outsource the work to some bone specialists? Do I even want to know the answers to these questions?

bone sausage

So what's the final word? Well the sausage itself is nothing special, but with the addition of some random animal bones their ranking drops down to plain old 'gross'.
I've got no problem with fresh bones. When you eat ribs, those bones are seeing the light of day and meeting your teeth for the first time. However it's hard not to get over the fact that with bone-in sausages, the bones you're sucking on are recycled. God only know what they've already been through before ending up in a box at your front door. Next time I want a sausage on a stick, I 'll just eat a pogo.



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