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Food For Thought Tofu Juice
(Entered Aug. 04, 2004)
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Sorry for the long update delay. It's not that I'm running out of ideas, I just have a bunch of other stuff going on so it's getting harder to make time to continue my pet project here.
Anyway, today's update it brought to you by the happy people at Kibun food. Tofu milk or To-nyu as it's called in Japan has been around for a while, anyone who's tried it will remember. So what's it like? Well it's pretty much like drinking a piece of tofu, in other words pretty disgusting. Then along comes some genius who decides to add various flavours to the mix and voila, problem solved. The five flavours in the picture from left to right are: Sweet Sesame, Royal Milk Tea, Coffee, Green Tea, and Regular with some sugar added.

tofu milk

Not shown are Banana, Strawberry, Regular Sesame and of course just Regular (ugh). Not sure if there are other flavours out there but those are the ones I've found so far. I've tried all of them except Strawberry, and with the exception of Regular, they're all pretty tasty. Tofu milk apparently has a whole slew of health benefits, and according to a recent TV documentary I watched, it's even better for you than Tofu itself! Happy dieting!

tofu milk


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