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Great Escapes Paradise - Guam
(Entered Mar. 22, 2004)
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Some of you might not have known, but last week I took a much needed vacation and went to Guam. Guam is a very small island in Micronesia with beautiful beaches, hot sunny days, good food... did I mention that it has beautiful beaches?


The hotel we stayed at had a pool up on the roof. From the correct angle it looked as if it was part of the ocean. If you look near the bottom left side, you can see just a tiny bit of pool wall marking the boundary. Over the wall was a short drop into another pool. Anyway, nice illusion.


I spent a lot of time snorkelling around the coral reefs, looking at strange little fish. For some reason the fish took a dislike to me and repeatedly attacked and nipped my feet. Yoko had no problem at all, so mabye it has to do with the way I taste or smell... Not all the fish were small though, some of those suckers were medium sized! I ran into a bunch of these bigger ones (they had teeth!) and they started swimming towards me for a minute before swerving away, maybe in search of something larger to eat. I discovered that it is quite disturbing to be surrounded by hundreds of fish, even little ones. You can't help thinking that they all look kind of hungry. Next time I'll wear a wet suit.




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