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Great Escapes Australia
(Entered Apr. 10, 2005)
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First time south of the equator! Needing to get out of Japan for a while, I took a short trip down under for about a week with a buddy of mine (also named Mike) living here in Japan. The two of us decided to go at the last minute, buying our tickets on Thursday and leaving Saturday. Here's Mike and I in front of the Opera House with Mike's friend Nick.


Australia is a damn big country, so with only one week we basically took in the sights of Sydney plus one day in the Blue Mountains, a huge national park about 2 hours away by train.
For a city of millions, Sydney is surprisingly empty. I guess after living in Tokyo where there's barely elbow room when you walk down the sidewalk, any other city would seem empty by comparison. Parks, trees and birds are abundant, as are warm weather and beaches.


Here's a shot of Bondi Beach. After I took the picture, I was informed that I should be careful of taking pictures on the beach lest I lose my camera. Apparently cameras are prohibited to protect topless bathers, which there were quite a few of. Can't see any in this picture though....


One quirk, some things in Sydney are even more expensive than Tokyo! I paid $2.50 for a chocoate bar, and $3.00 for bottled water, a pint however was pretty cheap, about $5.00.
One highlight of the trip was listening to an amazing didgeridoo performance (the aboriginal name for the instrument is 'yidaki'). Click here for a short clip. The performer was half Aborigine, half European, and his playing was like nothing I've ever heard before.
Thanks to everyone who helped Mike and I out, especially Mike's friend Nick who spent the week showing us around. Here we are in the evening with Nick's gang about to have a kangaroo barbeque.




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