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Haikyo / Ruins Nichitsu Ghost Town
(Entered Mar. 10, 2009)
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The abandoned town of Nichitsu is the only haikyo that I've been to twice. Being an entire town, a second trip ended up being necessary as there were still parts of it we (Jason, Mike and I) didn't get to the first time we went. During that trip of more than a year ago, we meticulously went through each building we found, not realizing until it was too late that there was still a sizeable area higher up on the mountain that we still had yet to see. Attractions that we missed included the legendary doctor's office complete with surgical instruments and body parts in jars...

Standing here amongst the lifeless buildings tucked away in the mountains, miles from anywhere, once could easily imagine that the rest of the world had gone and left you behind.

ghost town haikyo mountains

Living here back when the town was fully populated might have been peaceful, but something tells me it would have been sad and lonely as well.
A small concert hall, completely empty except for an old piano, a dirty chair and a broken gas heater. The piano still made some faint, muffled sounds when played.

ghost town piano room

Old phones are a fairly common find at a haikyo site. Sometimes I'll pick up the receiver and put it to my ear just for a laugh. Imagine my surprise when I found this one to have a dial tone. I didn't call anyone though, was too freaked out by a working phone in the middle of an abandoned town... I wonder who's paying the bill?

ghost town phone

An opened bottle of brandy sits on a table next to an old mahjong set.

ghost town mahjong

We searched around for quite some time looking for the doctor's office, and finally found it. When we did, the three of us quickly split up and were each first to three main areas.
I was the first to the operating room...

ghost town doctor's table

Sinister looking surgical instruments littered a room dominated by a small, rusty operating table. If I'd lived in this town, I would've done my best to stay healthy...

ghost town doctor's table

Rotten wood, rusty equipment and long expired medicine are all that remain in this lonely, windowless medical office. The light was slowly fading by this time making it hard to get good photographs.

ghost town medicine

The holy grail of haikyos. A complete brain in a jar of formaldehyde surrounded by beakers and bottles of medicine.
You might wonder whose brain it was, or whether it was taken out in this office...
Encompassed by silence and decay, one could easy come up with all sorts of grisly answers...

ghost town brain

Used surgical instruments slowly rust away over time...

ghost town scissors

It gets dark quickly in the mountains and a haikyo takes on different dimesions at night. No longer peaceful and tranquil, the quiet and stillness become eerie. Satisfied that we'd seen everything this time around, and with no more good photo opportunities, we left Nichitsu and it's brooding spirits for the final time, and headed home.

ghost town night bridge



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