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Food For Thought Thirsty? Strange New Drinks
(Entered Oct. 17, 2007)
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Softdrink companies must either be really bored or desperate, or both. This summer we had Pepsi Ice Cucumber which was fun for about two sips, but this new, uncharted course into chemical flavour limbo seems to have opened the floodgates for every other company trying to get away with their own bizarre marketing gimmick. None of them are as daring as a cucumber flavoured softdrink, but still good enough for a couple laughs.
Coke and vanilla icecream are a great combo as everybody knows, so at first glance Sapporo's new Cola Float in a bottle might seem like kind of a good idea, that is until you pour it into a glass. Looking a lot like milky, watery coffee with fizz added, I failed to note any strong resemblance to the picture on the bottle. I suppose it would be hard to keep the icecream from melting while the drink is sitting around for weeks in the factory or convenience store but still, they didn't have to make it that ugly, I mean come on. They earned some forgiveness on the first hesitant sip though as it tasted pretty much exactly what a coke float with (completely) melted icecream would taste like. Not bad at all!

Cola Float in a bottle

For those of you who like gum but don't have the energy or time to chew it, I've got good news, now you can drink it. The drink company Suntory teamed up with the candy company Lotte to make the world's first toothpaste flavoured softdrink. Equally useful as a refreshing drink or a really sweet mouthwash. It might say 'cider' on the bottle but pay it no attention as it has nothing to do with apples. Just another misused word in Japan. However all mockery aside, it's really not that bad. For those of you who like mint flavoured things (like me), you'll probably enjoy Cool Mint Cider. Less sugar, a little rum and it might make a decent mojito.

Cool Mint Cider

You know you've hit a new marketing low when your big ploy is to get your consumers to try and guess what the flavour of your new drink is. Fanta (owned by Coke) decided to have a little fun with us and released 'Nazo Fruits' (nazo meaning mystery) with some intriguing looking question marks on the label. Curious yet? According to the label, it is a mixture of two unknown fruits and if you think you know you can go to their website and try to guess. Mine sat around for a few weeks in my fridge so I guess I wasn't dying to solve this particular mystery, however I finally got around to opening it today and I have to say, besides being pretty damn bad, it seems to be a mixture of peach and strawberry, or more specifically, fake flavour enhancer #74 and #249. I'm I right Fanta? Send me a prize.

Fanta Nazo Fruits



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