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Food For Thought Pepsi Ice Cucumber
(Entered Jun. 15, 2007)
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A while back, some person at a fateful Pepsi meeting in Japan asked a startling question. "Why do we have to keep making soft drinks with fruity flavours?" Seriously though. The other day I saw papaya Fanta, or maybe it was guava or something like that. Is there any fruit that hasn't been used yet? People are tired of fruit flavoured drinks. Talk about beating a dead horse. Time to switch to vegetables! And so Pepsi Ice Cucumber was born. Either a stroke of marketing genius, or the dumbest idea ever, you can't deny that it scores points for originality.

pepsi ice cucumber

Originality aside though, is it even remotely drinkable? Those who are thinking of being able to get their vitamins from a softdrink, will be disapointed. Nowhere in the ingredients list is cucumber even mentioned. Instead it has artificial flavour. Not even artificial cucumber flavour you ask? Nope.
The colour is a nice radioactive aqua, thanks to a couple of helpful chemicals called 'blue 1' and 'yellow 4'.
The closest you're going to get to a cucumber is the smell which is definitely reminiscent of cucumbers, if the cucumber was covered in a two inch layer of solid sugar.
Definitely doesn't taste much like cucumbers though. It's one of those deals where you know you've tasted it before, but just can't seem to place it. The first thought that went through my mind was a kind of fake, mint-like, way to sweet, cola flavour. Conclusions? Not too bad, and good for a laugh, but no need to buy it ever again.
Rumors that Coke is planning to respond with Coke Broccoli are as yet, unfounded.



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