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Food For Thought Fugu
(Entered Jul. 08, 2004)
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fuguIt's weird food time again! The fugu or globefish is eaten more for the thrill than the taste. The fish is full of poison which can be instantly fatal if eaten. For this reason, the chef that prepares the fugu has to have a special licence which takes many years to achieve. Precise knowledge of fugu anatomy is important so that the chef can cut away the poisonous parts. In reality though, deaths from eating fugu are almost non-existent nowadays, although every once in a while you'll read about some unlucky person and perhaps even more unlucky fugu chef. Fugu doesn't actually taste that special, it's blandness has been compared to chicken. However due to the complexity of preparing it, you should expect to pay about $100-$200 bucks for a meal at an average fugu restaurant. Fugu is prepared in various ways: grilled, fried, in stews and of course raw. As for myself, I've only tried fugu once and since I'm writing this you can assume that I survived. I have to agree with everyone else though, the thrill of cheating death was more exciting than the taste. Some advice for first timers, make sure you let the other person eat first, and if they're still talking after five minutes you can start yourself.


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