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Food For Thought Whopper Combo
(Entered Jun. 20, 2007)
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I headed to Burger King yet again, this time on a Wednesday morning. BK opens at 10:00 in the morning and I there I was in line at 10:30. But before you take me for some kind of Burger King lunatic, let me just say that I work in Shinjuku every Wednesday from 8 to 10 am, giving me a good (at least I think so) excuse to drop by.
Walking towards BK after my class, I was feeling totally pumped, and very optimistic. I just knew I was going to be eating a Whopper today. I mean, I can understand that the Friday morning opening would be packed like it was (well actually I can't understand) but here it was Wednesday, the middle of the week, and early in the morning. Crazy people had had their fun waiting in 3 hour lineups but those days were over right? Turns out I was right for once! The lineup was only about 10 minutes! When the cashier asked me what I wanted, I played it cool, nonchalantly ordering a Whopper with Cheese Combo as if I'd been eating them every day for years.
Sitting down in a booth I got a little excited though. I finally realized my dream of eating a Whopper Combo again in Japan. Here it is! Six years in the making!

whopper combo

So how was it? Did it bring a tear of joy to my eye? Ok it was pretty good, but I was bit disapointed that it wasn't hot enough, probably from sitting around for a while. I had forgotten the rule that you should always 'specialize' (ask them to minus a condiment) your order so that they're forced to make it fresh. Come on guys! You're only open for a week or so and you're already falling into old habits?
Interestingly enough, I happened to walk by Krispy Kreme afterwards and even though it's been open since the winter, the lineup was still about an hour long... on Wednesday... in the morning... Is the honeymoon between Burger King and Japan already over?



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