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Do As Tokyo Does Beer Shampoo
(Entered Mar. 17, 2009)
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Just like how you can't have your cake and eat it too, neither can you both have your beer and wash your hair with it. You can either do one or the other, not both at the same time. It's a hard fact of life so stop whining and just deal with it.
So today, instead of going the route of thirst quenching, I decided to spend my hard earned cash on some beer shampoo. Your liver isn't the only part of your body that appreciates beer, your skin and hair sometimes need to unwind with a brew as well. They'll thank you for it later.

As you can see from the picture, beer shampoo has some connection to passing your exams, finding love, winning games, in fact, pretty much any happy event. Though there is no concrete explanation to how beer shampoo will make this happen, the pictures below leave no doubt about one thing, using beer shampoo will make you cry.

beer shampoo display at store

When you buy the beer shampoo, you'll notice that the bottle appears empty. What gives? If you check closely though you'll find a bit of dust on the bottom of the bottle which is the beer shampoo in concentrated form. Just add water!
Following the directions, I opened the bottle, added a bit of warm water and poof! Beer foam spurted out in every direction. Strangely enough, it had kind of a sweet, soapy smell. Is this some kind of gyp?

beer shampoo filling it up with water

Once this is under control, put the lid back on and (according to the directions) shake well. My bottle seemed to be full of mostly foam with a bit of liquid on the bottom. Well directions are never wrong so I gave it a good shake and opened it again. The beer shampoo promptly exploded out again leaving me with about a teaspoon full of remaining shampoo. Fantastic.
I guess you're really supposed to use this in the shower so beer explodes over you in all its foamy glory, but seeing how this isn't an x-rated site, I used it in front of the sink with only my shirt off.

beer shampoo shaking opening and froth

Next, the tiny remainder of very watery beer shampoo went on my head, whereupon I scrubbed for a bit, rinsed it off and wondered why I wasn't crying. Maybe I did something wrong?

Some handsome dude toweling dry after shampooing with beer. Where do they find these people?

beer shampoo mike using

Well, beer shampoo might not be the invention of the year, but I'll say one thing, it did leave my hair feeling uncommonly supple and smooth. Maybe beer really is the magic ingredient that can solve all the world's problems?
Other words of wisdom:
-Don't get beer into your eyes, it'll sting.
-Make sure you're of legal hair washing age before using this product
-And of course, don't wash your hair and drive.




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