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Do As Tokyo Does Plant Revolution
(Entered Aug. 16, 2007)
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Tokyo may have all the amenities of modern, first world life, however the city designers made one big tactical error way back when they were planning what Tokyo would be like. 'We're going to need concrete, lots of concrete', was probably how the conversation started, and then 'Plants? Who needs em!', became the motto of the day. Eventually Tokyoites woke up to their foolishness but it was too late. Except for a few overcrowded parks thrown in as an afterthought, Tokyo was basically a dirty, grey slab. However after years of subjugation and misery, they plants are starting to fight back! They say that if you try to eradicate life it will evolve, mutate into something stronger and survive at all costs. The new breed of plants in Tokyo are no exception.
No dirt around? This metal looks like it might have a couple of nutrients.

plant growing out of metal

Plants now come equipped with concrete drilling roots. A small oasis in the middle of a vast parking lot desert.

plant growing out of concrete

Plants just aren't picky anymore, compared to metal and concrete, the sewer is a pretty good deal!

plant growing out of sewer

Of course when there is a bit of dirt around, the plants go nuts.

super healthy plant

The plants are rebelling and perhaps one day soon they'll take back what's rightfully theirs. Happy day for nature lovers! I'm not looking forward to having to get out the lawnmover to trim the grass growing on the streets though....



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