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Do As Tokyo Does Tokyo Dome City
(Entered Mar. 31, 2010)
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Tokyo Dome City is an unusual theme park for a couple of reasons. First, unlike most others in Tokyo, it is located almost in the centre of the city, and second, you can enter and walk around inside without paying any entrance fee. Of course you have to pay for riding the attractions, but still, it's nice to just be able to wander around a theme park without getting robbed at the entrance gate.

laqua theme park

Being located right across from both Tokyo Dome (home of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team), and a large shopping centre complex ensures that the area is busy no matter when you go. It also has the only roller coaster that (to my knowledge) goes through a specially designed hole in the above mentioned shopping centre (look carefully at the above photo).

laqua roller coaster close

I'm not sure if cosplayers come here regularly, but there were a lot of them here today.

laqua cosplay

Cosplay's popularity seems to know no limits in Japan, and is growing exponentially overseas as well.

laqua cosplay

The park has a number of rides such as a couple of free fall machines, a waterslide thing, a Ferris wheel and of course the roller coaster.

laqua free fall

Another cosplayer or someone working for the park? Not sure but I wish I'd focused on the little girl in pink instead of the tiger thing. The poor kid looks like she's fighting back tears.

laqua tiger and kids

Roller coaster and Ferris wheel, with shopping center in the background.

laqua rollercoaster

Definitely a fun place to walk around when the weather is nice. I'd recommend going on a weekday if you can though. Located next to Korakuen/Kasuga station (Marunouchi, Nanboku or Oedo line), or Suidobashi station on the Sobu line.


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