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Food For Thought Coca Cola plus Vitamin C
(Entered Jul. 02, 2008)
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For a while there I was proud of Coke. While Pepsi has spent the last couple years goofing off with vegetable and cocktail flavoured versions of it's most popular drink, Coke kept it simple and didn't try to impress us by doing weird/stupid stuff. Well no more. To be fair they didn't just copy Pepsi's ideas outright, but instead tried a different tactic and seem to be trying to market Coke as a sports drink. First it's the vitamin C, then what's on for next year? A version with amino acids and polyphenols?

Coca Cola plus Vitamin C

Come on Coke! Do you really think anyone's going to replace their morning orange juice for a glass of Coca Cola? As if vitamin C can even survive surrounded by all that acid, fizz and sugar. Do you expect me to believe that by drinking this, my health is going to improve? Please. I drink Coke for the sugar and the caffeine, not for the great health benefits it gives me. I drink Coke when I'm hot and tired and when my body craves sugar and general unhealthiness. In other words I drink Coke when vitamin C is the furthest thing from my mind.

Some health stats? Doing a quick bottle check shows that Coke doesn't even know how much vitamin C is actually in here. The nutrition information reports one bottle containing between 13 and 51 milligrams... Interesting. Not sure what this is supposed to imply, but it doesn't really inspire much confidence. Most likely the vitamin C has a half life of about 2 minutes or something, and if you're lucky, you may get a few milligrams in you before it disappears. If you're hoping to prevent that cold and beef up your bodies immune system, then this is probably the wrong drink.

So how does it do on taste? When I took the first sip, I thought for a second that they had added some citrus flavour, but this wasn't mentioned anywhere on the bottle so I chalked it up to a combo of that weird taste you get from aspartame, (or whatever it is that they put in diet drinks nowadays) plus the addition of said vitamins. Does vitamin C even have a taste? Anyway it's a toss up if adding some orange flavour to Coke would've made this more exciting or not.

To be honest the taste isn't that bad, but I have to give it a thumbs down because overall the whole idea of a softdrink with vitamins is just plain annoying. Next they'll be putting vitamins in cigarettes and the tobacco companies will be trying to convince us they're healthy too. And the saddest thing? There are people out there dumb enough to believe it.




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