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Food For Thought Pepsi Blue Hawaii
(Entered Jun 10, 2008)
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Pepsi is up to it's old tricks again. It seems like the world's second most popular softdrink wants to make a tradition of releasing a limited edition 'weird' flavour every summer. After starting off with a bang, last year's Pepsi Ice Cucumber is being followed with the more low key Pepsi Blue Hawaii. Perhaps they felt following with another vegetable flavour was too predictable, so they went back to those slightly boring fruity flavours.
My first though upon picking up a bottle at my supermarket was that there really aren't enough deep blue, tongue-staining softdrinks in the world. Unfortunately that was the last semi-positive thought I was to have about it.

Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Anyone buying Pepsi Blue Hawaii will automatically assume, quite rightly, that it's going to taste something like a Blue Hawaii. Well you assumed wrong. If you thought a cucumber softdrink was bad, and you're wondering if Pepsi could possibly make something worse, then wonder no longer, and prepare your tastebuds for some serious chemical bombardment. Once again they made the mistake of mixing the original flavour of Pepsi with the new flavour, in this case the bizarre combination of pinapple and lemon, and in the process completely ruining both. Someone should have told Pepsi that Blue Hawaiis don't have cola in them, and that in fact, it's probably the dumbest idea since Gatorade beer.
Well, two strikes so far, any bets on next summer's flavour? Now that they've done a vegetable, and this year came back with a fruit combination, I feel like the next year should be a real charmer, something nobody expects. I'm in the mood to see something like Pepsi Cheddar Cheese, or Pepsi Bacon and Eggs, or something along those lines. Third time lucky!



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