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Great Escapes Camp Zama
(Entered Dec. 27, 2007)
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It's nice to get out of Japan even if it's only for a short time. Ahhh... Western style houses with football field sized yards, trees that are actually growing from the ground and not from pots....

Camp Zama, Genny's house

Wow, it's the sky! How long has it been since I've seen it? So nice and quiet around here, and I don't have to use my elbows when walking down the sidewalk.

Camp Zama lawns and sky

Kumi poses for a picture in the backyard with Hitomi. So where the heck am I? If the title didn't already give it away, welcome to Zama, one of the American bases scattered around Japan. Things here are so American it's almost like they dug up a US town, flew it over and transplanted it into Japanese soil.

Camp Zama, Kumi and Hitomi

And we wonder why the Japanese want to get rid of the American bases in their country? Standing here next to the 'border', you feel a bit guilty, and it seems the houses look a bit angry. You get a feeling of nature in reverse. Like the houses are slowly, inexorably growing, and pushing against the fence. Someday the dam will break and the houses, noise, and crowdedness will rush in like a tidal wave.
Camp Zama has a massive security gate at the front, checkpoints, id badges, guys with guns, the whole deal, but this puny little fence makes you wonder what all the fuss is for. Any ninja could easily get onto an overhanging balcony and jump over. Heck, I could do it without trying. Maybe they've got hidden cameras around or something?

Camp Zama, Japan/USA border

So how did I get in here being Canadian and all? Thanks to Genny, one of the people in my ultimate frisbee group, we were all invited to celebrate a genuine American style Christmas party at her place, made even more American by the fact that it was actually in America. Here's a picture of the food after we'd eaten most of it. I followed my usual principle of eat first and take pictures later.

Genny's Christmas dinner

And the gang. There were about 20 people plus Genny's family. Although the place was big, it got pretty crowded. Thanks again Genny!

Genny's house and the gang



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