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Do As Tokyo Does Nature - Canada vs. Tokyo
(Entered Jun. 07, 2008)
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I was recently browsing through my friend's online photo album in which there were many beautiful nature scenes which he took practically in his backyard. Not to be outdone, I went out for a walk around my apartment to show him that hey, Tokyo isn't all concrete and greyness, you just have to know where to look! For comparison's sake, I'll post the ones he took around his house with the ones I took around mine. Without further ado, I present: The Nature Walk, Tokyo vs. Canada!

Canada first. Here we are early in the morning on Dow's lake in Ottawa, Canada. Not a bad picture I suppose.

nature tokyo vs canada


And here's what I found. Nice eh? Almost makes you want to run home and grab your fishing rod!

nature tokyo vs canada


Wide open fields, a sky that goes on forever, sunlight streaming in... Nice! Now let's see what Tokyo has to offer.

nature tokyo vs canada


A small meadow. Ok granted you might have to squint a little to appreciate it.

nature tokyo vs canada


Taken from my friend's porch in the morning. Light framing tall trees and what have you. Let's compare!

nature tokyo vs canada


Keep an open mind please!! Ok no beautiful sunlight streaming from behind, but um.., they're tall, thin and made of wood. Oh and when you walk by you get that nice pine tree smell. Any points for that?

nature tokyo vs canada


Deer are a fairly common sight in rural areas of Canada. Tokyo might not have any deer but we have other stuff.

nature tokyo vs canada


I don't know this guy's name, but every day he's standing guard as I walk by. He's got a police uniform on today but other times he's wearing a santa outfit, a clown hat, etc.

nature tokyo vs canada


Did I convince you? Sure I might get homesick from time to time for Canada, but being surrounded by nature so close to my apartment definitely makes living in Tokyo a lot easier. That and a good imagination of course.



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